5 Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains – Pro Flush

5 Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains – Pro Flush

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Dealing with plumbing problems can be challenging and stressful, especially blocked drains. One of the most common plumbing problems homeowners experience is blocked drains. Having a clogged sink, toilet, or bathtub can increase the chances of corrosion and bring unpleasant odour, resulting in a distressing start of the day. Considering calling a plumbing professional for blocked drain repair in Sydney can be a wise decision. However, you can easily prevent blocked drains by focusing on maintenance and checking the severity of the plumbing issue.

Without further ado, here are five useful tips to prevent clogged drains:

  1. Check Your Drains

First and foremost, always check the performance of the drain. Blocked kitchen sink and bathroom tubs don’t happen overnight. Professional plumbers often come across blocked drains having a build-up of non-liquid material stuck inside for a long time. One of the best ways to prevent this is by having a basic awareness about the type of material going down your drain. Drains are not intended for discarding solid trash. Therefore, make sure you dispose of liquid waste and don’t treat a drain as a trash can.

  1. Pour Hot Water Down The Drain

One of the most common kitchen sink clogs is solidified oils, grease, and other fatty substances. Drains are not designed to discard such fatty substances, resulting in heavy blockage. Even with great maintenance, you will likely dispose of such heavy food-related substances down the drain, resulting in possible future blockage. If the drain blockage is due to fatty substances, consider pouring hot water down the drain every week. The hot water will help break down any solidified oil or grease, clearing the passage in your pipes. Make sure you pour the hot water down slowly and gradually to avoid casualties. You should also start disposing leftover oils or grease into a sealable container and throwing it into the garbage.

  1. Practice Regular Cleaning

A well-maintained and clean grain can help prevent potential blocked drain. As mentioned before, the blocked drain results from an accumulation of heavy food-related substances in a piper for a long time.

Practising regular cleaning can help reduce the accumulated blockage, offering you a functional drain. You can retrieve such non-liquid materials from the drain by using a wire or bent hanger. Non-liquid material can be bits of food, hair, and other things that go down the drain.

Another common cleaning method is pouring half a cup of baking soda or a full cup of vinegar into the blocked drain. Leave it for thirty minutes and then pour hot water to eliminate the foul odour coming from the pipe.

  1. Install Drain Strainers

If you are tired of cleaning your kitchen sink regularly, then consider installing a strainer. Strainers can prevent small debris and bits of food from getting inside your drain. Such stainless steel objects are placed on the opening of the sink’s drainage. Strainers can also ensure food oils and water go down the drain. You can clean the strainer by simply removing it and tossing away the bits of food into the trash can.

You can also install strainers in your bathroom, near the shower area. Drain strainer can collect hair, soap scum, and dirt in the bathroom, thus reducing the chances of blockage.

  1. Consider Regular Pipe Inspection

Consider regular pipe inspection from a professional to ensure optimal performance of your drainage system. A professional plumbing expert can determine underlying issues with your drainage system and easily fix any blocked drain. You can also consider opting for a CCTV pipe inspection to understand the root cause of the blocked drain in a plumbing system.

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