At ProFlush, we provide prompt, reliable and affordable plumbing solutions. Located in Sydney, our team of professional plumbers can assist you with any complication, blockage or emergency plumbing repairs. With years of industry experience, we are focused on providing fast and durable plumbing solutions that will secure long-term results and prevent any future problems while having the minimal possible impact to your property. From blocked drains to hot water systems, our extensive range of services includes both residential and commercial plumbing services.

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Blocked Drains

With over 15 years of experience, ProFlush can assist you with anything from a blocked drain, sewerage or toilets. Our team of professionals will ensure that the issue is properly examined in order to determine the cause of the blockage and recommend the suitable cleaning system. By using the latest drain clearing technologies, we aim to provide long-term solutions at affordable prices.


Pipe Location

ProFlush uses the latest techniques and plumbing equipment while providing professional underground cable and pipe location services. We will carry out a detail pipe location service in a safe manner in order to find the underground plumbing systems and prevent any costly damage on time. With our professional pipe location services, you will be able to detect any leak and save both time and money.

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Camera Inspection

By using the comprehensive CCTV drain inspection service, ProFlush aims to thoroughly examine and understand the inside of the underground pipes in order to determine the cause as well as the exact location of the blocked drain at your property. Detailed camera inspection will allow us to determine the most suitable cleaning method and blocked drain solutions that will suit the need and location of your property.


Water Leaks

Water leaks are one of the most dangerous and destructive plumbing issues and need to be handled by a professional in order to avoid further damage and isolate the problem. ProFlush can assist you with any type of water leaks repairs including damaged and collapsed pipes along with emergency leak detection and location. No matter how small or big, Pro Flush can help you repair and fix any leak in your walls, ceiling or slabs.

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Our team of professionals can assist you with gas fitting and maintenance services. Specialising in oven and burners gas fitment, we are here to ensure that all appliances are connected to gas in a safe and compliant manner. As your local gasfitting specialists, Peo Flush can solve any gas pipe or appliance problem as well as install and fit any make or model of gas burners, stoves and ovens.

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From pre-purchase property drainage inspections to regular maintenance and drainage clearing services, ProFlush team of expert plumbers is here to help you resolve any plumbing related issue. As experienced and skilled plumbers, our experts will help you find and resolve any drainage issues including leaking pipes, waterproofing issues, blocked drains, sewer and toilets. Our experience plumbing inspectors are here to provide professional advice and fast service.


Strata Work

With extensive work experience and reliable plumbing solutions, ProFlush provides all strata related plumbing services with our tailored service range. Focused on the maximum levels of customer satisfaction, our piping experts will ensure that all your tenants are happy with fast service and minimum property disturbance. By using the latest location and inspection techniques and equipment, Pro Flush is able to determine plumbing issues fast, easy and stress-free.


Hot Water Heaters

At ProFlush, we provide hot water system installation, repair and maintenance services. Certified and experienced, our team of plumbers can assist you to find the right water system that will suit your needs as well as service and repair any hot water system. With our affordable and prompt service, we’ll have your hot water system running stress-free.


Bathroom Renovations

ProFlush team can assist you with any type of bathroom renovations. From poor workmanship repairs to complete bathroom renovations, we’ll make sure that all plumbing works are completed to the highest Australian standards. Qualified and experienced, our team is focused on providing durable plumbing systems with high levels of customer service.

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Skilled and qualified, ProFlush team offers emergency service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering all Sydney regions.