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At Proflush, when it comes to gas heater services in the Blue Mountains, we specialise in offering all types of mobile services for gas appliances. From water heaters, installation of LPG, cooktop repairs and also gas stove repairs. From installing new gas connections (commercially or residential) to gas heating repairs.

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It is important to get your gas heater service done every one or two years (depending upon the manufacturer’s recommendation) for proper functioning and safety. This applies to every branded gas heating appliance, be it their services or repairs. Timely replacement with good parts while repairing the gas heater appliances helps keep your family safe and helps you save money in further damage repairs and replacement. It is also recommended to hire only licensed and authorised technicians for the process.

When it comes to gas heater repairs in Penrith (or gas heater services); we do

  • Cleaning of filter
  • Precisely cleaning of flues on flued heater models
  • Cleaning of burners and checking pressures (along with other procedures)
  • Portable gas heater services
  • Working on malfunctioned heater repairs and replacing any parts of it

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Types of gas models we work on:

  • Working on appliances of Rinnai gas services

We have a licensed and expert team that knows the nitty-gritty of Rinnai appliances’ repairs; be it portable gas room heating services or water heaters- we repair everything.

  • Omega Altise gas heater repairs in Sydney

Our team is experienced in dealing and repairing with Omega appliances; since they have variants as portable gas heaters, we stock all the essential parts so that we are all set when it comes to fixing and repairing.

  • Paloma gas heater

Experienced in dealing and repairing Paloma appliances; since they have variants as portable gas heaters, we stock all the essential parts so that when it comes to fixing and repairing- we are all set.

  • Everdure gas heater

Experienced team in dealing and repairing with Everdure appliances; since they have variants as portable gas heaters, we stock all the essential parts so that we are all set for fixing and repairing.

  • Rheem gas appliances

It is important to periodically check the gas heating appliances and get them repaired (when in need) to keep you and people around you- safe and sound. Since safety is our priority, we keep in check with all types of gas heating appliances and repairs.

Your portable gas heater repair maintenance includes:

  • Testing for CO (carbon monoxide) in terms of safety purposes
  • Cleaning of filters
  • Cleaning and unclogging of gas heater burners
  • Cleaning the flame sensors (when necessary)
  • Servicing, cleaning and replacing the pilot injector
  • Replacing thermocouple (when needed)
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for damaged and the ones that are leaking
  • Testing gas heater fan motor (replacing the capacitor when necessary)
  • Completion report of the gas heater repair

Not just for repairing and replacing the malfunctioning parts, we even clean the filters, flues and burners while checking the pressure of the gas heating models.

Why should you choose us for your gas heating services and repairs?

An authorised service expert will regularly inspect and clean your appliances to improve performance, maintain safe operation, minimise any potential downtime, and extend the life of your gas heater and hot water system to avoid replacement.

  • We maintain your gas heater efficiency by keeping its functioning in check and saving you on repair costing and energy bills.
  • We visit you when you need us. You can contact us whenever you need.
  • Some parts and labour are guaranteed.
  • We provide emergency services 24/7
  • Affordable and budgeted
  • No surge pricing during emergency
  • Our staff are licensed and qualified.
Proflush: Your one-stop shop for portable gas heater Repair, replacement, service and maintenance
  • We use only qualified gas heater technicians for repairing and servicing
  • Regularity in gas and water heater services (every one or two years)
  • Consulting a professional or guide’s manual for service guidance
  • Keeping in tab with all the warning and problem signs that indicate that your appliance needs immediate repairing
  • Air and water filter should be kept clean
  • Even the hoses and connections should be inspected, and leak tested
  • Maintaining flue pipes and gas pressure
  • Pressure releasing water valves of water tanks
  • Check for CO generating of gas and water heaters


Hire only a qualified staff and maintain the service frequency. Only qualified technicians must service your gas heating appliances. Check with them when's the right time to inspect for maintenance and service repairs and follow thoroughly to avoid further issues. If you have Rinnai or Bosch, your technician will recommend you with a minimum of 2 years of interval, whereas Rheem or Paloma requires service annually.
It is important to understand the operation of your gas appliances correctly. Using them recklessly or carelessly can result in safety hazards. In case of the absence of the owner's manual, you can contact gas appliance manufacturers to get them to you. Also, check for warning signs; this is when your appliances are in dire of services. If your gas flame is yellow or red, blows out or gives you an acrid smell or causes irritation- this is where you need to call us, and we will get it repaired in no time. This will help you and your family- to be safe.
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Choose a convenient time, and we will come to you after booking confirmation with us. Our technician will arrive at your property and will assess your gas appliance. If required, we will dismantle your heater, clean the filter, check the wiring, valves, pressure, and ensure that the injector, burner chamber and pressure is correct. We will check for connections and leaks. Be it gas heating or commercial plumbing services; we are just a call away.

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