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Preventive Plumbing Measures

Every homeowner knows the hassle of facing plumbing problems. But imagine if you could predict and prevent them before they become nightmares? Visit Proflush, your trusted companion in preventive plumbing measures. Here’s a look at how you can avoid those pesky plumbing issues and ensure the smooth functioning of your system. Table of Contents Add […]



4 Types of Efficient Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems ensure constant hot water supply to homeowners. When you want it, you don’t want to be waiting around for the water to heat up. Unfortunately, hot water repairs in Sydney are a common cause for calls to us here at ProFlush and with winter well and truly here, if your hot water […]


How To Fix A Dripping Tap

Drip…. drip…. that unmistakable noise of a dripping tap that always seems to start in the middle of the night. While a leaking tap may not seem like a big issue (and it is something that many homeowners put off for another day), left for too long, it can become a major issue that requires […]

man fixing the water pipe


4 Reasons to Not Attempt A DIY Gas Plumbing Repair

With the availability of thousands of guides and how-to’s on the internet, most individuals are learning more about fixing plumbing issues on their own. From repairing a general leak to fixing a clogged drain, people are tempted to attempt a DIY plumbing job and solve the issues easily. Similarly, a simple google search on “how […]

cleaning toilet


5 Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems Faced by Homeowners

Most homeowners keep themselves equipped with essential tools to fix any plumbing issue in case of emergency. While using a plunger for a clogged toilet and wrench for fixing a leaky tap can be simple, dealing with complex plumbing issues is challenging. Small and simple repair jobs can be completed through the DIY approach. But […]



3 Easy Steps How to Unblock Blocked Sewer Drain

Dealing with any plumbing issue can be challenging and stressful, especially when you consider a DIY plumbing job. A DIY plumbing job requires you to have a thorough understanding of the plumbing system and be equipped with the necessary tools for better performance, which is why most homeowners consider calling a blocked drain plumber in […]


5 Reasons To Get a CCTV Pipe Inspection

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology has come a long way. The advanced growth and evolution of CCTV technology have allowed various industries to strengthen their security measures and stay updated with the premises surrounding them. However, one of the most critical uses of CCTV technology has been found in the plumbing industry. CCTV pipe inspection allows […]


5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater – Pro Flush

Hot water systems are one of the most critical components of your home as it allows you to enjoy steaming hot water during colder months. However, to enjoy continuous hot water flow, you have to ensure your hot water system receives regular maintenance and prompt repairs. You might be using the same old hot water […]


5 Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains – Pro Flush

Dealing with plumbing problems can be challenging and stressful, especially blocked drains. One of the most common plumbing problems homeowners experience is blocked drains. Having a clogged sink, toilet, or bathtub can increase the chances of corrosion and bring unpleasant odour, resulting in a distressing start of the day. Considering calling a plumbing professional for […]


How to Troubleshoot and Repair an Electric Water Heater

Can you imagine waking up to no hot water during colder months? Having issues with your electric water heater can ruin your morning, resulting in an unpleasant start to the day. If we keep aside all the fuss it creates during the start of the day, a non-functional electric water heater means an internal system […]

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Westpaed Reception
Westpaed Reception
Proflush plumbing blocked drains are very professional,polite and clean plumbers, they attended our shop did a fantastic job and the price was very reasonable. Attended the emergency blocked toilet within 45 minutes and had the issue sorted. Thank you again!
Hagob Tatian
Hagob Tatian
Proflush plumbing came out to my property within 30 minutes to unblock my blocked drain using a high pressure machine. great emergency plumbing service. 5 stars
Patsy Tatian
Patsy Tatian
Proflush plumbing did a great job unblocking my blocked drain, they were very professional attending quick as advertised "emergency plumber near me" thank you again.
Albert Zhang
Albert Zhang
Fade and his team are very professional on my works. Especially he has great customer service skills, and attend site ontime, report work ontime, overall customer service 5 star rating. Highly recommendate !!!
hannah wang
hannah wang
Very fast response, I called on Sunday afternoon for drain blocked, they sent the technicians to my place on Monday morning for checking for free. Very good service, the technicians came and found the issue, we are happy to let them fix straight away. They use professional tools and use a special camera to show us what’s the issue, and once they fixed, they show us through the camera again. We are glad we find such a professional team.
Psiholog i to pametan
Psiholog i to pametan
Quick and professional. Big job done in two hours for very honest and reasonable price. Highly recommend.
Kehani Hills
Kehani Hills
If you need a plumber you need pro flush! After bad experiences with other plumbers for a sewer problem I was recommended to call Pro flush, I wish I called them first we would have saved much time and money! Thank you so much to the Pro flush team you were thorough and explained everything well. We are so happy with your professional and friendly service …. What an Excellent team!
Mike C
Mike C
Great service from the Pro Flush team. Honest guys. Highly recommended.
Jameson Law
Jameson Law
Fade attended our office in response to an emergency blocked drain plumbing situation. They attended our office in Parramatta within 20 minutes, resolved the issue promptly and their pricing was very reasonable in light of the after hours situation. Highly recommend Pro flush plumbing!
Pam Higgins
Pam Higgins
Excellent service, prompt & professional. Didn’t imagine I could get a plumber at such short notice. They saved the day , unblocked the problem, thank you.
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