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Dealing with any plumbing issue can be challenging and stressful, especially when you consider a DIY plumbing job. A DIY plumbing job requires you to have a thorough understanding of the plumbing system and be equipped with the necessary tools for better performance, which is why most homeowners consider calling a blocked drain plumber in Sydney. However, some plumbing issues can be even more complicated to deal with. One of the most common plumbing issues experienced by homeowners and commercial complexes is a blocked sewer drain. Blocked drain in Sydney can be caused by various reasons, including accumulation of waste materials and tree root intrusions. When left untreated, a blocked sewer drain can damage the drainage system of your home and raise concerns about potential health complications.

So, what if you suspect a blocked sewer drain? And how to deal with blocked sewer drains?

In this article, we have shared three easy steps that can help you deal with and unblock any blocked sewer drains. Let’s first understand whether you’re actually dealing with a blocked sewer drain.

Hearing Unusual Sound or Noticing Unfamiliar Behaviour

If your toilet isn’t functioning properly or not working at all, your plumbing system and drainage system is likely to have some problem. Such unusual behavior can be a sign of concern. You may also want to notice unfamiliar sounds coming from sewage pipes. Usually, you will hear gurgling sounds from the sewage pipes. Other noticeable signs can be backed-up wastewater, rising water levels, or drainage issues while using any electrical appliances.

Multiple Fixtures Blocked

One of the best ways to confirm whether you have a blocked sewer drain is by checking the fixtures. If one fixture is clogged, you need not worry much. However, if multiple plumbing fixtures are clogged at the same time, you have a blocked sewer drain. In most cases, your toilet and other low-lying fixtures like showers and baths will be affected.

3 Easy Steps to Unblock Sewage Pipes

Once you confirm that the plumbing issue you are going through is a blocked sewer drain, it’s time to start the unblocking process. Don’t ignore the signs as they may cause major problems down the road. You might be dealing with unsafe and unhealthy wastewater that may cause further damages and spend thousands on repair bills. Before you proceed with the job, you might want to know that this job will be messy. If you don’t want to deal with any fiasco, consider calling our plumbing experts.

Step 1: Locate the Sewer Drain

The process starts with locating the sewer drain. You need to find the external outlet of the main sewer line and remove the upper cover. Once you open the cover, wait for a while and allow any waste material build-up from the pipe to drain itself out.

Step 2: Insert a Drain Auger

Auger will play a vital role in this task. So make sure you keep this equipment handy. There are various kinds of augers, but all of them will have a cable that will allow you to manage the tool and prevent your hands from getting messy while breaking up the blockage. Drain snakes are usually used for smaller sink drains, while drain augers tackle blockage from larger sewer pipes.

Step 3: Continue the Process

After using the drain auger for a while, you will notice an evident drop in the water level. After a while, it should be completely cleared but keep using the auger to remove smaller clogs that may cause problems in the future. Once done, simply place the drain cap back to its original position.

Talk To Our Plumbing Experts

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