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There’s nothing worse than turning on your hot water tap only to find no hot water coming out of it. There are several major reasons why your hot water system may not be working correctly, and it’s essential to identify the root cause so that you can fix it quickly.

In this article, we’ll look at five possible reasons why your hot water system is not working and what you can do to resolve the issue.


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    5 Common Hot Water Problems

    If you’re experiencing issues with your hot water system, there are several possible reasons why it may not be working. Here are 5 common problems with most water heaters:

    No Power To The Electric Hot Water System

    If your hot water system isn’t working at all, the first thing to check is whether it has power. Some hot water systems are connected to a switch, while others are plugged into a power outlet. If the hot water flowing system is connected to electricity via a switch, make sure that it is turned on.


    If it’s plugged into a power outlet, check to see if the outlet is working by plugging in another appliance. If the outlet is not working, you may need to replace the breaker box or the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

    If you’ve checked the temperature and power and the hot water system is still not working, it’s possible that there is a problem with electrical parts, the wiring, the hot water heater, or the thermostat. In this case, it’s best to call a licensed electrician to come and take a look.

    Pilot Light Is Out

    If you have a gas water heater, then the pilot light is responsible for igniting the gas water flow that heats the water.

    If the light is out, the gas water heaters themselves won’t be able to ignite, and you won’t have hot water. To check if the light is out, you’ll need to remove the access panel on the hot water system.

    You should be able to see the light through a small window. If it’s not on, try relighting it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

    If the light doesn’t stay on, there may be an issue with the thermocouple, a component that senses the heat from the light and then sends a signal to the gas valve to open.


    If you’re not comfortable relighting the electric pilot light yourself, it’s best to call a licensed electric or gas fitter to do it for you.

    Sediment Build-up

    Over time, sediment can build up in the pipes in the tankless system of your hot water system. This can cause the heated water itself to become discoloured, and it can also affect the efficiency of the system and the reason there is not enough hot water.

    If you suspect that sediments are causing your hot water system to malfunction, you may need to flush the pipes in the tank to remove the build-up.

    To flush the tank, you’ll need to turn off the power to the hot water system and the cold water supply valves.

    Next, connect a garden hose to the drain valve that is at the bottom of the tank and run it outside the tank.

    Open the valve and let the water drain out until it runs clear. Once you’ve finished flushing the tank, close the drain valve and turn the power of the hot water unit supply valves back on.

    Faulty Heating Elements

    If you use an electric hot water system, the heating element can be responsible for heating the water. If the heating element is faulty, it won’t be able to heat the water, and you’ll be left with cold water.


    There can be a multitude of reasons why your heating element isn’t working. However, there are some quick fixes to help you go through your day.

    For instance, to determine if the leaking water or heating element is the problem, you’ll need to use a multimeter to test it for a leak or continuity. If there is a leak and no continuity, the whole tank maintenance heating element must be replaced.

    However, replacing a heating element or even trying to fix it can be tricky, and it’s best to contact a licensed electrician.

    Old Hot Water System

    If your hot water system tank is old and leaking, it may be time to replace it. Hot water systems typically last between 10-15 years, depending on the type of leak and the quality of the unit.

    If your hot water system is over ten years old and you’ve been experiencing ongoing leak issues replacing , it may be more cost-effective in the long run rather than continuing to repair it.


    Call For The Best Professional Help

    Checking the power, relighting the pilot light, flushing the storage tank again, testing the heating element, or replacing an old system are all potential solutions to getting your hot water system up and running again.

    Regular maintenance of your hot water system, such as flushing the tank and checking the pressure relief valve, can help prevent issues from arising in the first place. And if your hot water system is over ten years old, it may be worth considering replacing it with a newer, better efficient model to save money on energy costs during the long run.

    By successfully identifying and addressing the root cause of your hot water system issues, you can ensure that you always have access to hot water when you need it.

    If you find yourself in a difficult spot, it is always ideal to connect with a professional plumber like the team here at ProFlush.


    Q1: What causes the hot water system to stop working?

    Ans: Hot water systems can stop working due to power issues, sediment build-up, tank corrosion, heating element failure, or if the system is old. Regular maintenance and consulting a licensed professional can help identify and address the root cause of hot water system problems.

    Q2: What are the four common faults in hot water systems?

    Ans: The four common faults in hot water systems are no hot water, leaking, strange noises, and inconsistent temperature. Consulting a licensed professional and regular maintenance of gas and electric water heater, can prevent these faults.

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