5 Reasons To Get a CCTV Pipe Inspection

5 Reasons To Get a CCTV Pipe Inspection

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  • Post published:December 23, 2021
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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology has come a long way. The advanced growth and evolution of CCTV technology have allowed various industries to strengthen their security measures and stay updated with the premises surrounding them. However, one of the most critical uses of CCTV technology has been found in the plumbing industry. CCTV pipe inspection allows you to determine the underlying issues of pipelines. Most homeowners consider CCTV drain inspection in Sydney to ensure the optimum performance of their plumbing systems.

Why Consider a CCTV Pipe Inspection?

Determining the exact cause of a blocked drain can be challenging. Things can become even more challenging for pipeline systems that are either located deep inside the ground or in difficult to access areas. For such plumbing issues or maintenance checks, CCTV pipe inspection can come in handy. Unlike manual inspection, CCTV inspection requires less time and is much safer. Here are a few situations where CCTV inspection can be a lifesaver.

  1. Blocked Drains

One of the most common uses of CCTV pipe inspection is to determine the exact cause of blockage or breakdown in underground pipes. Instead of assuming the cause and directly planning for the pipe repair, CCTV inspection allows you to execute and plan a budget for the job. Through CCTV inspection, plumbers can conduct a thorough inspection of underground pipes before commencing repairs. Such plumbing services in Sydney can easily identify the type of blockage and allow you to act accordingly.

  1. Maintaining Efficiency of Pipelines

Pipelines are one of the most essential components of your plumbing system as they transfer water flow inside the house. The optimal functioning and efficiency of pipelines ensure continuous water flow and proper drainage. However, there can be some underlying issues in your pipeline system that can deteriorate its functioning. Despite having no visible signs of break or blockage in pipes, waste seepage may take place through small cracks. If left unattended, pipes will either start to corrode, create blockage due to build-ups of oils and fats, or grow vegetation roots around, leading to a lack of optimal functioning. Sometimes these problems can also cause the pipe to break suddenly. Replacing or fixing a burst pipe can be expensive and time-consuming. You can easily avoid this by considering regular CCTV pipe inspections.

  1. Inspection For Landlords

When it comes to underground pipelines, proving the exact fault of the tenant can be challenging for a landlord. As a landlord, you might suspect that your tenants were careless with waste disposal, resulting in plumbing issues such as blocked drains or toilets. However, you cannot hold your tenant accountable without any evidence. Landlords can protect themselves from spending majorly on pipe repair by keeping video evidence of the pipe prior to the tenancy. The evidence derived from the CCTV inspection can also be used to make insurance claims.

  1. Inspections For Tenants

CCTV pipe inspection can also be useful for tenants who have recently moved into a property and notice issues with the pipeline or drainage system. Tenants can further express their concern to the landlord and ask them to carry out a CCTV inspection. Such inspections allow tenants to get a clear picture of the issues related to the pipeline or drainage system. CCTV inspection also protects tenants from any future bond deduction due to any underlying plumbing issue.

  1. Buying a New Home

If you are planning to purchase a new home, a CCTV pipe inspection can allow you to determine the condition of the plumbing system and reduce any possible repairs in the future. Considering CCTV pipe inspection is as crucial as a property inspection. Therefore, prospective property buyers should consider getting a CCTV pipe inspection.

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