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No matter if you’re a seasoned DIY pro or just dipping your toes into home maintenance, the task of fixing a leaking toilet can appear intimidating. But don’t let that dampen your spirit. We at ProFlush are here to back you up, providing all the guidance and support you need to tackle this challenge head-on. With a bit of guidance, some basic tools, and a can-do attitude, you can conquer this common plumbing issue like a pro. Statistically, around 1 in 5 Australian households encounter a leaky toilet every year, leading to substantial water wastage if not attended to swiftly.

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    Recognising the Problem

    The first step to fixing a leaky toilet is to identify that there’s an issue in the first place. There are several signs that your toilet might be leaking:

    1. Continuous trickling sound post-flush
    2. Pool of water forming around the base of the toilet
    3. Unusually high water bill

    For more detailed signs and symptoms, you can refer to the Victorian Government’s guide on water leaks.

    Tools You’ll Need

    Before you start, make sure you have these essential tools at hand:

    1. An adjustable wrench
    2. A pair of pliers
    3. A screwdriver
    4. A sponge and a bucket
    5. Replacement parts (if necessary)

    If you’re finding that these tools aren’t part of your current toolkit, fear not. You can swiftly grab these from your local hardware shop.

    The Fix

    Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter – fixing that pesky leak. The process will differ based on the source of the leak, but broadly, it involves the following steps:

    1. Turning off the water supply: This is the first and crucial step. Find the shut-off valve and turn it clockwise.
    2. Emptying the tank: Flush the toilet to drain the water from the tank.
    3. Inspecting the tank: Look for signs of wear and tear in the flapper, fill valve and overflow tube.

    A step-by-step guide provided by the Western Australia Government may help in this process.

    Prevention is Better Than Cure

    Once you’ve fixed the leak, it’s important to prevent future leaks. Regularly check your toilet for signs of wear and tear, clean it regularly, and replace old parts. The Queensland Government’s guide on maintaining your toilet provides useful tips.

    Understanding the Common Causes of Toilet Leaks

    To effectively fix your leaking toilet, it’s crucial to understand the most common causes. Leaking toilets can occur due to:

    • Old or worn-out flapper: The flapper creates a seal within the tank. Over time, this part can become worn out or damaged, causing water to leak into the toilet bowl.
    • Faulty fill valve: If your toilet is constantly running, a faulty fill valve may be the cause. This mechanism controls the amount of water in the tank and, if broken, can lead to overflows.
    • Cracked overflow tube: The overflow tube prevents the tank from overflowing. If this tube is cracked, water will continuously flow into the bowl.

    Gaining insight into these common culprits equips you with the knowledge to spot the issue quicker and decide on the most effective fix. Being prepared like this enables a swift response, reducing potential damage and getting your toilet back to its prime in no time. Remember, if uncertainty creeps in or the task seems too daunting, there’s no need to soldier on alone.

    Swing by our services page to explore how our team at ProFlush can step in and assist you.

    A Detailed Guide: Repairing a Leaking Toilet

    Having brushed up on the basics, it’s time we plunge into the real action. Presenting to you a thorough, user-friendly guide designed to aid you every step of the way as you tackle your leaking toilet issue. Let’s get started!

    1. Troubleshooting the Issue

    First, identify the source of the leak. Is it coming from the tank or the base? Is the toilet constantly running? Remember to check the flapper, fill valve, and overflow tube for any signs of damage.

    1. Replacing Faulty Components

    Once you’ve identified the faulty part, it’s time to replace it. Each component requires a different method of replacement.

    • Replacing the flapper: Turn off the water supply, unhook the old flapper, and attach the new one. Ensure it creates a solid seal with the bottom of the tank.
    • Replacing the fill valve: Once you’ve successfully turned off the water supply and drained the tank, it’s time to tackle the old fill valve. Carefully loosen and remove it, keeping track of any small components for your understanding of the assembly. Next, take your new fill valve and install it, paying careful attention to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it’s correctly positioned and secured.
    • Fixing the overflow tube: Now, let’s address the overflow tube. If you’ve noticed cracks in it, this could be a major source of your leakage. However, if the crack is minor, a waterproof sealant could do the trick. Just apply the sealant over the cracked area and give it ample time to dry and harden. Remember, it’s essential to ensure that your repair is watertight to prevent further leaks.
    1. Testing Your Toilet

    Once you’ve replaced the necessary parts, turn the water supply back on and allow the tank to fill. Watch for any leaks or continuous water flow.

    Taking Care of Your Toilet: Maintenance Tips

    Proper maintenance can prevent future leaks and extend the lifespan of your toilet. Here are some tips:

    Regularly inspect your toilet: Look out for any signs of wear and tear in the flapper, fill valve, and overflow tube.

    Clean your toilet regularly: This can help prevent build-up of mineral deposits that can affect the functioning of your toilet.

    Replace old parts: Don’t wait for a part to fail before replacing it.

    Don’t forget to visit our blog page for more handy home maintenance tips and guides.


    Fixing a leaky toilet doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right tools, knowledge, and a bit of patience, you can easily fix a leaking toilet and save on unnecessary water bills. If you find yourself needing additional assistance, don’t hesitate to explore our website further for more resources. Alternatively, you can reach out directly to our ProFlush team. Our experts are always on standby, ready to offer you the advice you need to handle your plumbing concerns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Leaks can occur due to a variety of reasons, from worn-out parts to a loose connection. It’s best to inspect the toilet to identify the source.

    Costs vary depending on the cause of the leak and the replacement parts needed.

    Regular maintenance, inspection, and timely replacement of parts can prevent leaks.

    Yes, with the right tools and guidance, you can fix a leaking toilet yourself.

    Yes, a continuously leaking toilet can significantly increase your water bill.

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